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Chris Rich-If you are looking for a "Laugh-Out Loud" clean stand-up comedian,
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Steve Van Zandt-The best comic- impressionists on the comedy scene. Steve's one-hundred plus characters entertain!
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Nelson Addison-Has Cerebral Palsy and he's like no other disabled comedian you've ever seen!He examines the socio-political aspects of being disabled
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Moody McCarthy-If you are looking for a "Versatile commedy act you can take home to your folks or to your gang initiation,"
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Jon Petz-Motivational speaker and corporate entertainer, with a unique approach to business.
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Ryan Prucker-Image Specialist and National Media Contributor Inspires personal and professional growth for entrepreneurs, employees and students!
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Humor Advantage Speaker Bureau

Presents: Ryan Prucker, Image Specialist & National Media Contributor

One of life’s biggest challenges is “How to turn potential into success.” This inspiring and informative program offers insights and techniques for anyone looking to reach a dream and unlock a more fulfilling life. Image Specialist and Radio/TV Host Ryan Prucker, offers ideas that can be immediately implemented to capitalize on every experience and take major action. Through dynamic storytelling and step-by-step ideas, “Turning Potential into Success” provides real-life answers for this age old question.

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In a tight economy, everyone is looking for one magic bullet for success. This innovative program offers multiple solutions for business owners, managers, salespeople and their entire staff. Image Specialist Ryan Prucker offers ideas that can be immediately implemented and acted on by every single company member. Before and after examples bring concepts to life in this engaging session. “Beat the Recession” is THE ultimate survival guide for businesses.

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Helping students discover what they know and how to show it is essential to securing their ideal job. By taping in to pop culture and how image defines success, this unique program attracts and inspires participants to take action. Students connect with terms and strategies that can help them tell their story, create a stand-out resume and look like a top notch professional. Audiences learn techniques they can immediately use to powerfully present the benefits they offer in a dynamic way.

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Building a successful, professional image is essential to achieving personal and professional goals. Audiences will receive detailed strategies to create a unique image that instills trust and demands respect. Advertising and Image Specialist, Ryan Prucker will help you discover smart ways to keep you and your company relevant and how to build a strong brand identity.
If your talent IS your business, “The Image to Succeed” offers ready-to-use techniques that work!

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