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cry laugh cook

Cry, Laugh, Cook! - How often do we talk about our lives growing up? Do we think about how our relationships with our siblings have changed over the years? Do we recognize the humor all around us? What lessons have we learned, what traits do we embrace, and what foods take us back home? This is the fabric of our lives—our history. Recording the experiences and ideals that carry us through life is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our family. This book is an example of one way to share the gift of who we are. The book will not be read just once. The threads of family life are vivid and compelling. The conversations are a reminder of the importance of humor in everyday life. And the recipes are simply delicious home cooking. We may think the book will find a place on the bookshelf, but it will be more at home in the kitchen. So here is the simple recipe: Read about a vibrant life, find the humor in everyday living, and complete the cycle by sitting down with those close to you for a wonderful, home-cooked meal Enjoy!

Price:  $16.95, plus shipping & handling

  Serious Laughter

 Serious Laughter - Book - A wealth of ideas and practical suggestions of how to add humor and laughter to your life. This book provides easy to understand information in an entertainingly friendly, but very authoritative way. In addition, it is filled with action packed drawings that create excitement for the reader. Serious Laughter teaches the medical and spiritual benefits of humor and shows you how to find the laughter. This book gives example after example of how to go about adding these aspects to your life both at work and at home. But more than that Serious Laughter takes you by the hand and shows you how to deal with stress and worry, anger, resentfulness, fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, rage and depression. It is an excellent source of motivational material that will keep you thinking positive. Partly autobiographical this book proves to be a delight to read as each age is very conversational and personal.

This fun-filled book is a gradual awakening to the joys of laughter and an introduction to a wonderful vehicle that will help us through the difficult times and simply make the good times more meaningful.

Price: $16.95, plus shipping & handling
Bits of Joy 

Bits of Joy - In this book Yvonne shares with you over 150 activities that have continued to add Joy to her life. This wonderful gift book combines joyful ideas with the whimsical drawings of her friend, Anna Cerullo, in the hopes they will help to add joy in your own life journey. Five chapters offer thirty fun-filled activities to do with children, thirty-five holiday and celebration ideas, twenty-five tricks that infuse the work environment with a spirit of fun, twenty-five creative and motivational tips and fifty silly suggestions that will bring forth joy. A truly joyful life is available to anyone who is willing to take the time to pursue it.

Price: $16.95, plus S&H
Yvonne Conte CD

Today is the Tomorrow I Worried About Yesterday :Overcome Stress and Worry - We are so unaware of how important our words are. We don't realize that what we think and say becomes our reality. If we say, "I'm always so tired." that statement only confirms you are tired and by repeating it you will stay tired. Laugh really hard for an hour and learn how to be the key to your own successful life.

  • How to develop positive thoughts
  • The importance of speaking as if it already were
  • How to stop worrying and start living
  • The key to  changing the way we think
  • How to speak to the demons so they will listen!
  • How what we think about determines how we live
Price:  $15.00, plus shipping & handling

Make A Big Deal

Make a Big Deal Out of Nothing - How to be a motivational speaker and best selling author.

You have everything you need to become a successful, published author and motivational speaker. Make a Big Deal Out of Nothing shows you how. Yvonne Conte, herself the successful author of four self-published books, shares everything she learned along the way in this step-by-step guide. Whether you are at the idea stage or if you are ready to look for a printer, Yvonne covers every aspect of publishing and marketing your book. Learn about ISBN's, copyrights, agents, printers, and more. For the would-be seminar facilitator, Yvonne shares her remarkable story of how she went from no job and no money to the career of her life. Learn how to pick the right topic, deliver a dynamic presentation, profit from back of the room sales and market your wares. Start working for yourself and doing something that may make a difference in other people's lives.

Price: $16.95, plus shipping & handling
Remarkable Women of Faith

"Remarkable Women of Faith" Featuring Jennifer O'Neill, Yvonne Conte & Ann Jillian

Insight Publishing proud to release a new book focusing on Women of Faith, featuring actress Jennifer O'Neill, Motivational Humorist Yvonne Conte and Actress and speaker, Ann Jillian. Read about them and other women in the faith arena who are passionate about their testimonies and want to share with the world in a new book: Remarkable Women of Faith.

Price: $19.95, plus shipping & handling