Mary Ellen Rinaldi

Funny, Fast & Unforgettable!

When she began her career, Mary Ellen Rinaldi took the stage as a stand-up comic performing in comedy clubs throughout Boston and New England. Two decades later, Mary Ellen has transformed into a well-respected and broadly successful performer, inspiring large crowds from budding company employees to powerful executives. A distinct combination of insight and comedy, Mary Ellen can light up a room with her warm heart and quick wit.

Throughout the years, Mary Ellen has blossomed from a clever comedian to an inspiration leader. Though her message has changed, she has never let go of the uplifting sense of humor and unique story telling abilities she started her stand up comedy career with.

Today, she engages audiences everywhere with her warmth, wit and wisdom. Her themes of perseverance, resilience and the importance of finding life's balance are clearly portrayed through her multiple, customized programs delivering "Life Lessons Through Laughter".

Mary Ellen Rinaldi is proud to have been able to use her intelligence and humor to make a difference. Not only is she a member of the National Speakers Association, but she had the unique opportunity to present her inspirational keynote at the renowned Power Within Conference, taking the stage moments before former US President Mr. Bill Clinton. Her successes don't stop there, however, as her client list includes well-respected organizations including the American Heart Association, WIC, The Department of Children and Families, DARE, and many more. She's a natural asset at helping organizations to celebrate their employees, improve morale, build relationships and engender mountains of motivation.

Mary Ellen has a gift that not many do. She possesses the unique ability to address a universal audience with an honest, relatable approach. She'll make her audiences laugh, cry, and always acknowledge" "Wow" that's so true!"

Her message is simple, but her delivery prevails. She has an astounding way of making an audience think, feel, and understand all while trying to hold back bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

Travels from Boston, MA

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