Nelson Addison

Don't Be Afraid To Laugh - That's His Job!

Nelson Addison has Cerebral Palsy. However, he's like no other disabled comedian you've ever seen. His style is surprisingly energetic, colorful and unpredictable. With an endearing quality, he examines the socio-political aspects of being disabled, always putting the audience's comfort level first and never preaching. Nelson puts it this way:

"As a disabled comic, I recognize my responsibility to educate the audience - I just don't do anything about it!"

To round out his performance, Nelson abandons the disability theme to explore other intriguing topics, such as; what to wear to an alien abduction, the futility of raising homing pigeons, and a raucous indictment of the Psychic Friends Network.

Nelson brings his theatrical and public speaking experience to the comedy stage. Heaven help us!

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