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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How can I preview this speaker?
2.) What are the typical costs I can anticipate when I book Yvonne?
3.) How far will this speaker travel?
4.) How do I save money on speaker's travel?
5.) Who are some of The Humor Advantage clients?
6.) Can you help me with the purchase of Yvonne's books, tapes and other fun items?
7.) Will Yvonne sign books at our event?
8.) How are speaking fees determined?
9.) Once I choose a Humor Advantage Presentation, what can I expect?
10.) May we Audio and Video Tape Yvonne's presentation?
11.) What are the payment terms?


How can I preview this speaker?
1.) To receive a 6-minute preview video shipped to you overnight contact us HERE or view the video online HERE. There is one video that was made in 1954 of Yvonne and her sisters riding their new bikes on a hot summer day topless but she only shows it at family reunions.


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What are the typical costs I can anticipate when I book Yvonne?
2.) The written contract will spell out the specific details of each engagement, but certain expenses are normally the responsibility of the meeting planner. These include airfare, ground transportation and hotel accommodations. The host will also be responsible for any A/V or technical equipment required for the meeting room and the particular presentation.


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How far will this speaker travel?
3.) If you can get there from here, she'll go! Yvonne resides in Syracuse, New York home to Syracuse University, The Carrier Dome, Syracuse China, home of Stickley Furniture and the 2003 NCAA National Basketball Champions of Syracuse University. Syracuse also boasts as having more snowfall than any city in America!

Her speaking engagements have taken her to Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Montreal and Quebec. Her goal is to experience working in every state in the country so if you're not on this list call us! Ask for the "New State Discount!"

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How do I save money on speaker's travel?
4.) Take a look at our schedule and see when we might be working in your area. This may save you on the airfare expense. If you can get other companies or groups in your city interested in Humor Advantage Training and you schedule your training on consecutive days each company can share the travel and accommodation expense and a reduction in the speaker fee.
Occasionally we may consider a discount for a single engagement if we will be exposed to an audience of legitimate prospects, i.e., someone who can book The Humor Advantage in the future.

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Who are some of The Humor Advantage clients?
5.) Humor Advantage clients include Fortune 500 companies, top associations and professional societies, (national, international, and regional), leading universities, and civic groups. For testimonials, click HERE or for Humor Advantage clients, click HERE.


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Can you help me with the purchase of Yvonne's books, tapes and other fun items?
6.) Yes! In most instances, we can provide you with these items at substantial discount over the list price and deliver them directly to your meeting site when purchasing in bulk. We can also help you arrange an author book signing. There is no additional charge for this service.


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Will Yvonne sign books at our event?
7.) Yvonne will be happy to do so. It is important to make your requests known in advance, before the contract is signed, to ensure that any special requirements are agreed to in advance and made part of the contract.


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How are speaking fees determined?
8.) Speaking fees are usually a function of the topic of each program, the amount of travel required to complete the presentation, and the length of the presentation. Keynote presentations are normally priced less than seminars, half-day or full-day presentations. Presentations scheduled in the Syracuse, NY area are frequently less expensive than assignments requiring Yvonne to travel.
Let us know what you are looking for, give us the date you will need us, and tell us where this event will take place. We will be happy to offer you several options. We'd like to make you an offer you just can't refuse.


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Once I choose The Humor Advantage, what can I expect?
9.) Personalized service. After selecting your program, Humor Advantage will issue you a welcome packet to ensure that your event goes smoothly from start to finish. You will receive the contract for your event: program title and description, event location, the date and time of the presentation, audiovisual requirements, and other important information. You will receive a planning sheet with questions about your event and your audience. Promotional materials will be sent to you upon request. Learn more about booking your event HERE.


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May we Audio and Video Tape Yvonne's presentation?
10.) Special written permission must be obtained for the rights to audio or videotape this speaker. Occasionally there will be a surcharge for obtaining these rights. The surcharge will depend on how the tapes will be used.


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What are the payment terms?
11.) A non-refundable deposit is collected at the time Yvonne is booked for the event. This deposit guarantees the date. From this point forward, Yvonne will turn down all other offers that conflict with your program. In the event of a cancellation by your organization, the deposit will be forfeited. If a cancellation occurs within 90 days of the event date, the entire fee shall be due. The balance of the fee is due the day of service. Yvonne's Uncle Vito Antonio is her collections manager. Can you hum the theme song to The Godfather???

This is meant as a guideline only. As with anything concerning this site, if you have questions please email us or call The Humor Advantage at 1-315-487-3771