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Gilda's Club is a free cancer support community for men, women and chilren living with cancer and for their family and friends.

My friend Thom Rutledge is a rare combination of respected psychotherapist, insightful humorist, inspirational teacher, and delightful entertainer. He is the author of several books, including The Self-Forgiveness Handbook, Earning Your Own Respect and most recently Embracing Fear.

Did you know there is a place where you can go to actually learn how to laugh? At World Laughter Tour these guys are the specialists. Click on and start laughing and tell Steve Yvonne sent you!

John Ludington: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ludington2 John Ludington is Yvonne’s “back pack wearing, raisin eating, save the whales, hug a tree, kiss a mule kind of guy” son. He was voted Best New Talent at Syracuse Area Music Awards with his band, Barefoot Gravediggers and he composed soundtracks for the physical theater troupe, Carpetbag Brigade. He performed his compositions live on tour with the Brigade, traveling from Southern California to British Columbia. His solo album, "Clouds Today is distinctive stellar achievement for a solo artist. It is whimsical, fully self-actualizing and cutting edge." So says -Culture Art Rag Critic, Jacques Laiberte Yvonne just thinks he is the sweetest son a mom could ever be blessed with and she wants to share him with you. John Ludington can be seen performing solo or with his band, Tao Jonesers, in Northern California where he lives.

www.ImageL.net (Marketing, Public Relations, Design, Imaging)
Imagelight is a full service marketing and public relations firm. They specialize in telling the story their client’s want told with a powerful image that delivers results. Imagelight is the Image Specialists that shape public perceptions every single day.

Imagelight is lead by image expert, national speaker, and FOX NEWS contributor, Ryan Prucker. With offices in New York, DC and California, Imagelight works with corporations and individuals to create their brand and perfect their image. Through our national media relationships in every industry, our Design and Public Relations division ensures our client’s explode on the scene with big results.

www.garydunes.com Check out my good friend Gary Dunes for Music, Fun and Good times

www.wsenfm.com/wsen-mornings.htm "Listen to the Gary Dunes Show every Wednesday mornings on 92.1 WSEN for Good Time Rock & Roll and The Humor Advantage Motivational Minute with Yvonne Conte."

http://mindbodysmile.com/author/yvonne-conte/ To read articles and essays written by Yvonne click here and while your visiting be sure and check out the many other authors who have contributed to this great healing web page.

Yvonne's Blog Check out Yvonne's blog. An informative, entertaining blog about the positive impact humor can have on all aspects of life. This blog will be a place to read inspirational and helpful articles to improve your life and business.