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About Yvonne Conte

“I know the Lord is always with me.
I will not be shaken for He is right beside me.”

Yvonne Conte is a keynote speaker and author who has attracted clients such as Merck and Medeva Pharmaceutical, Xerox Corporation, Time Warner, G E Global, Continental Tire, Lucent Technology, and over 700 other leading organizations. Her energy, style and passion on the platform have earned her standing ovations and rave reviews. However it is her personal relationship with Jesus that she is most excited about. Yvonne says, “There is nothing I can’t face in this world because I know He will walk with me no matter how difficult the situation.” Yvonne combines laughter with a message that entertains, inspires and encourages. She sees herself as a comedian on a mission to give audiences a non-surgical faith-lift. Her message; we are not alone, offers strength, courage and hope to hurting women everywhere through her organization Psalm 16:8 Ministries. Her motivational lectures are filled with a unique blend of inspiration and joy about life experiences and God’s never ending incredible love.

Her speaking typically includes 60 keynotes a year at major conferences. Her publishing credits includes over 28 articles and essays and five books including her latest, Remarkable Women of Faith, (Insight Publishing) and best seller, Serious Laughter (Amsterdam-Berwick Publishing) which has been translated into Chinese. Her books have been on the curricula at Monroe Community College and Corning College. Her career has taken her to 31 states and 7 countries.




















She is a member of The Corinthian Club, President of the Westvale Neighborhood Watch, and partner at The Syracuse Vineyard Church. She has volunteered for the Arthritis Foundation Joints in Motion, Heart Association Heart Run, Vera House and Gilda Club. She served on the Monroe Community College Foundation Alumni Council and as Director of The Vineyard Art Show. She lectured for Communication Classes at MCC, is the founder and CEO of Humor Advantage, Incorporated and Psalm 16:8 Ministries and creator of “Humor Advantage Pay It Forward Program”. Humor Advantage is a member of Greater Syracuse and Greater Fort Myers Chambers of Commerce.

Yvonne is Nonni (Grand Mother) to three handsome boys and when she isn’t kissing them, she spends her free time pampering Rhododendrons, Azaleas and her 27 Rose of Sharon Trees!


"Remarkable Women of Faith"
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