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Seven Steps To A Humor Filled Life

Tips to live a better life | Laughter Pill | Human Being Instruction Manual
Seven Steps to a Humor Filled Life | Top Ten Good Humor Affirmations

Seven Steps To A Humor Filled Life... Expect It!!

  1. Keep funny people in your life
    • Make friends with the funniest people at work
    • Stay connected with the funny friends you have
    • Listen to fun-filled radio shows
  2. Buy silly things
    • Keep toys at the office
    • Always have a sponge clown nose on hand
  3. Start a humor library
    • Read funny books written for, by or about comedians
    • Collect funny cartoons
    • Collect tapes/videos/ books that make you laugh
  4. Watch humorous movies and TV shows
    • Rent 3 Stooges & Marx Brothers videos
    • Host a Silly Saturday Party - guests bring fav-funny video
  5. See a live comedy show
    • Plan a monthly humor night out with co-workers
    • Start a humor night with neighbors, family or friends
  6. Make your workplace lighter
    • Hire a stand up comic for your next work function
    • Post up new cartoons each week
    • Create a humor break room
    • Learn to laugh with others and at yourself
  7. Make other people happy
    • Hire a clown to visit a sick friend
    • Send a humor first aid kit to someone in need
    • Dress up in a funny outfit and surprise someone
    • Set a smile goal, "Today I'm giving away 20 smiles!"
    • Do something nice and expect nothing in return

Excerpt from Serious Laughter ISBN #0-9665336-0-7