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Yvonne's Bio

Yvonne Conte is a keynote speaker and author who has attracted clients such as Merck and Medeva Pharmaceutical, Xerox Corporation, Time Warner, G E Global, Continental Tire, Lucent Technology, AT&T, AARP, and over 700 other leading organizations.

Her speaking typically includes 60 keynotes a year at major conferences. Her publishing credits includes over 28 articles and essays and five books including best seller, Serious Laughter (Amsterdam-Berwick Publishing) which has been translated into Chinese. Her books have been on the curricula at Monroe Community College and Corning College. Her career has taken her to 31 states and 7 countries.

She is a member of The Corinthian Club, President of the Westvale Neighborhood Watch, and partner at The Syracuse Vineyard Church. She has volunteered for the Arthritis Foundation Joints in Motion, Heart Association Heart Run, Vera House and Gilda Club. She served on the Monroe Community College Foundation Alumni Council and as Director of The Vineyard Art Show. She lectured for Communication Classes at Monroe Community College, is the founder and CEO of Humor Advantage, Incorporated and creator of “Humor Advantage Pay It Forward Program”. Humor Advantage is a member of Greater Fort Myers and Greater Syracuse Chambers of Commerce.

Yvonne is proud grandmother to three handsome boys and she once appeared nationally on the popular ABC daytime talk show, The Caryl and Marilyn Show as a silly old woman who talks to an iron.

Yvonne says:
The difference between those people who consistently make their ideas work and those who say, "Now, why didn't I think of that?" is their ability to make creativity happen instead of leaving it to chance!

The Humor Advantage Philosophy and Commitment

We believe that life is a never-ending process of growth. Each person is infinitely valuable and possesses vast untapped resources for greater success, contribution, joy and personal satisfaction. We believe people can live abundant fulfilling lives if they accept personal responsibility, learn and apply timeless principles, practice wellness producing habits, discover their dreams, set life goals, and have a challenging career or viable business vehicle for creating financial abundance, along with the time and freedom to enjoy it. We believe true success is experienced when our lives are balanced. All of our programs, products and services are designed to guide you towards that balance.

We are committed to making a difference by giving back to the community. We offer The Humor Advantage each year at no charge to all Gilda Club Members to help them cope with illness by understanding how powerful humor is to healing. Yvonne is involved in her church and community and encourages others to do the same. "Being able to give is the greatest gift of all."

"Training can be beneficial or a waste of time, depending on your approach to it and the attitudes you have towards self-improvement!"

-Yvonne Conte

Yvonne in the Media

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